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"Thank you letter" Hong Kong Golf Open 2014

16 Oct, 2014

"Thank you letter sharing"

Thanks for all customer support, they have always been to make TPDS and drivers had return!

Many thanks to Hong Kong Golf Open 2014 – Courtesy Car Manager Mr.Nick Gethin gave his affirmation to us, so that our customers can increase confidence and recognize more about TPDS services. However, thank you letter was very important for every TPDS colleagues.

In particular, there are more activities and sudden emergency order than ever before, it depends on our smart and experienced driver and colleagues. It have been completed successfully, so we were happy to share this thank you letter to each driver.

Nick also named our control room colleagues and direct drivers leader and gave ”like” for them. Each color in the figure below the heart-shaped cover were the names of colleagues to get appreciated ~ Nick said that he hoped to cooperate with us again on next year.

Under the Hong Kong Golf Open 2015, TPDS will continue to work hard!

“Trust Professional Driver Staffing” – TPDS was founded in 2003 and we are the first company focuses on providing professional drivers agency service in Hong Kong.

As a Staffing Solution Consultant Company, we focus on recruitment and management solution service for executive level with professional drivers. Our service covers in providing various types of drivers’ categories: company drivers, private drivers, personal drivers, family drivers, events drivers, drivers mainly serve for driving between Hong Kong and China, team drivers, foreigner drivers and body-guard drivers, etc.


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