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“The opportunity is right here”

Register now and let us assist you to enhance your professional value

If you have confidence about your own ability, join us and be part of our team.

TPDS has been serving our clients and chauffeur co-workers with a reliable recruitment based platform; Ride on our business knowledge and advanced IT technology knowhow, our brand name have been concrete among private and business clients.

In these recent years along with the transform of the multimedia platform, most of the clients are no longer using the traditional way in recruiting; In recruiter’s perspective, handling large amount of application letters and undertake candidates shortlisting turns into a heavy burden. Moreover, when the candidate resigns, everything will have to go through the cycle all over again.

Within the private client base in TPDS, most of them are successful persons and they are very busy. That’s the reason why they are willing to outsource the recruitment cycle to a trustworthy supplier and so they assign TPDS handle for them.

In chauffeur co-workers perspective, once you have registered in TPDS, you are no longer need to surf around the multimedia platforms or sending resume all my yourself. Even though you are currently work engaged, you can still easily keep posted to the market trend achieving your best benefit. Once we have located for you the right post, TPDS consultant will contact you directly for preliminary briefing. In addition with the trust that TPDS has built up with clients, there will be no doubt that the chance in successful matchmaking will be increased and save the valuable time consumed between clients and chauffeur co-workers.

It’s all free to enjoy for Chauffeur co-workers to enjoy TPDS all-rounded recruitment service.

Chauffeur Jobs Highlight

TPDS has completed more than 600 placement cases all over the years. You can find here all our job postings and take reference to compare with the one on your mind. Our professional consultants will update the list frequently and some of the hot pick job openings will be released on our Facebook and other multimedia platforms.


Resume Submit for Registration

No matter whether you are now job engaged or not, if you are a professional chauffeur, we strongly recommend you to register with us; When you are registering , please state clearly on your expected salary, benefit and other requirements.

Our consultant will only contact you if we have a job opening that's identical to your filled requirements. Under no circumstance or without your prior consent, we will not disclose your resume to another third party. Even though we have obtained your permission, all the personal data (such as Name, contact number and address) will definitely not be released to our clients.

If you don’t have a ready made resume, you can download our standard template for assistance.

download pdf

Apply in joining TPDS “CLUB Mighty”

With the record of highest member daily earning up to HKD 1,660.00, “CLUB Mighty” is another brand under TPDS. Every club member must pass all our evaluation so as to share our service standard and earn more than a general Chauffeur.

Our clients are fully confident in the service standard and the driving experience of our members in “CLUB Mighty”. A lot of mega international events were being served by our “CLUB Might” members.

“CLUB Mighty” itself has a separate operation system, all members can keep posted to all available orders and select the desired one base on members’ own schedule.

Chauffeur co-workers will not need to find Job in TPDS as we will find us and propose you with the right choice

Whether you are interested in a permanent or temporary Chauffeur job, once you register in TPDS as a member, our professional consultant will contact you once we come across any job opening that’s with your identical requirement matching. Even though you are not currently looking for jobs, you can keep posted to the market situation. Besides, our services to you are totally free.



Chauffeur Recruitment Consultancy

Contact : Kaki Chan
Room 1-3, 29/F CEO Tower 77 Wing Hong Street, Lai Chi Kok, Kowloon, H.K.
Telephone: (852) 29 888 148
Website (Chinese):
Website (English):

Website (Japanese):

Chauffeur Management and Professional Services

Contact: Donald Cheng
Room 1-3
, 29/F CEO Tower 77 Wing Hong Street, Lai Chi Kok, Kowloon, H.K.
Telephone: (852) 3468 8696

Website (Chinese):
Website (English):

Website (Japanese):

Motor Fleet Management and GPS Tracking System

Contact: Marco Ma
Room 232, 2/F, Block 16W, 16 Science Park W Avenue, Science Park Phase 3, Shatin, New Territories, Hong Kong
Telephone: (852) 3974 6626


Website (GPS Service):

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