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"You can relax as you will be able to find all kinds of Professional Private Transport Solutions here"

About our Services

Just feel free to choose any of your desired services, you will realize that it can be so easy

     TPDS is anytime ready in providing you the right  driver

•    Over 6,600 screened Professional Driver Profiles.
•    Possess a 10+ years experienced  Recruitment

     Consultancy Team.
•   Carefully listen to your driver's expectation.

Driver Recruitment Consultancy Service

Long term Chauffeur Staffing Service

Short term Chauffeur Dispatch Service

      It’s the most flexible and convenient way in Driver 


•    By the time you acquire our recruitment service, your

      heavy burden in its related administrative work has

      been vanished..
•    Base on the most recent situation, more flexible in

     managing your Human Resources.

•   Before confirming an addition to a permanent driver

     position, examine an evaluation to what actually is


     We will ready the service for you and let you enjoy your

      moment anytime you want.

•    A very flexible hourly rental professional driver service

     “Think of it and it’s right here waiting for you!”
•    The driver who serve you is highly professional and               well

      experienced. Besides, he/she is your exclusive Driver.

•     Long term regular service acquisition may enjoy                   special discount.

Mega Event Chauffeur Project

Motor Chauffeur Bundle Rental Solution

Limousine and Coach pick-up Services

     No matter about the size of the Event and the

     importance of your Valuable Guest, we are capable        to handle.
•    TPDS has a professional Chauffeur Backup Team             with more than 100 members and we have the                 ability to handle Event Project at any size..
•    Our team has uncountable proven track records in

      taking care Multinational Events such as but are not

      limited to conferences and stage performances.
•    We have delegated Project Manager that can assist

      you to smoothly handling your guests’ pickup /

      delivery arrangements.

     We will provide for you the simplest way in transport

     related total solution.

•    TPDS can provide new motor to execute the service

      and you have the right to change another new one

      upon contract renewal.
•    Never need to worry and taking responsibility on            both
the motor and the Chauffeur.

•   Any chance if the Chauffeur is on leave and the               motor  is undergoing maintenance, we have Back-up     for you.

      Let your journey covers by the most reliable and

      comfortable pick-up services.
•    Takes you less than 15 minutes, TPDS can arrange for

      you your required pick-up services.
•    TPDS chauffeurs can communicate in fluent English

      and with bilingual capability in Japanese as well as

•   “On-Time”, that’s what TPDS insists and it is a definite.

Car Rental Service

Cross border Driving License

     Ignore all clumsy procedures, TPDS can offer you            the most simplest motor rental solution in Hong.              Kong

•    TPDS is currently the strategic partner of the Hong

     Kong based Motor Rental Corporation.

•   Thru TPDS to rent a car and ignore all clumsy                    required procedures.

•   Our Accounts Executive will assist our clients in               every steps during the motor rental process.

     We have a variety of solutions let you easily possess

     your own cross border driving license.

•    TPDS provides Cross Border Driving License rental

•    In case you want to apply yourself, we can be your

     helpful experienced consultant.
•   You can choose to purchase direct

Protective Driving Services

     We are expanding our protective driving services
     which located in Macau, Mainland China, Singapore, 
     Taiwan and Malaysia.

•    We aim to be your one source limousine and private
      driver provider solution within the Asia Pacific Region.

•    Raising professional drivers' standards and                          implement extra safety measures within our services.

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