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"Driver Recruitment Consultancy Service"


"Driver Recruitment Consultancy Service"

TPDS Driver Recruitment and Management Consultancy Services aim as assisting our clients to recruit Permanent / Contractual based professional driver and its related consultation services.  Our consultant will base on clients’ situation to select for them the right driver within our advanced database. Then follow with a detail recruitment proposal to clients with our professional advise.  


When client purchase our all rounded recruitment service, the recruitment cycle will then be diminished to its minimum size and becomes more effective and efficient. Moreover, TPDS consultants keep posted to market current information and can identify any potential risk within the recruitment processes, hence giving both the employer side and the candidate side with the best suitable advise.  


Beside, we discover that some of our clients may want to minimize their administrative workload and the required legal responsibility during the driver's probation period. To cater this, TPDS can act on behalf of our clients to be a temporary legal employer for a short period of time until they obtain solid confirmation.


This kind of service can assist our clients to manage their driver more efficiently. Whether they want to change another driver during the probation period, clients can feel free to do so and all the derived issues will not be a matter to them anymore.

TPDS Driver Recruitment Consultancy Services - Process Flow

Every of our recruitment project will need to go through our 6 work processes


Before candidate proposal, we will assist our client to prepare and examine the recruitment project content accompany with the most recent market information.

job vacancy

New additional

Job Vacancy

listening and understanding your driver's expectation

In-depth understanding + tailor made solution

Formulate related requirements base on clients’ need.

BCS system, shortlisted candidates

Base on the pre-set criterias to identify the shortlist candidate.

After proposing the shortlisted candidate to client does not mean an end to our service, we will follow up with both the client and the driver after driver’s duty commencement and provide assistance when required.

job vacancy



Arrange interview and driving test as part of the in-depth selection process.

New addition

Job Vacancy

listening and understanding your driver's expectation

Duty Commencement Follow up

Provide suitable guarantee period to every successful placement.

"Over 8,600 potential candidates' profiles"

TPDS owns a huge and regular updated (Pre-shortlisted) Human Resources System “BCS”, it can identify for you the right candidate in a very short period. A powerful tool uses to safeguard clients’ valuable time.

“An experienced team with more than  10 years solid practical record is now ready to serve you."

TPDS has a team of well experienced professional specialized in driver recruitment and management solution. By keeping posted to the current market information, we are always one step ahead to target base on client’s main concern and identify any potential problem during the recruitment process.


“ Propose the right candidate within 1 day"

If client entrusted TPDS to be in charge of the selection and the employment issue of the right driver, we guarantee that we will utilize our professionalism to complete the project under the shortest time constraint.


“Provide Backup Driver within 1 hour”

We understand driver service is very important to you, TPDS can provide you a simple process “Temporary Hiring” solution. This will let you to enjoy the professional driver service before finding the right candidate.

TPDS will perform Background checking for each of our successful placement. Besides, we can provide optional Body Checking under client's request.

“Our                                                                       keeps you safe and Burden FREE”

Background checking

“Maximum         Days Guarantee Period”


In every of TPDS successful placement, each is entitled with a cool down period of 30 Days (Max) and client will not need to settle any service charge within the period. Furthermore, clients are absolutely protected by our guarantee period. Under the Guarantee Period, client can request TPDS to replace the driver anytime and the best part is…. The clock of the Guarantee Period will then restart and commence again.

Services Quotation

Our Services Plans (Our most popular one is being included)

Hot Pick

Economy Plan

Equivalent to 80%

Mthly Salary

Cool Down Period ( Nil )

Guarantee Period ( 30 Days )

Maximum Replacement Driver ( 2 )

NO restart counting on Guarantee Period when there is new replacement

Traffic Conviction Records

Standard Plan

Equivalent to 100%

Mthly Salary

Cool Down Period ( 14 Days )

Guarantee Period ( 60 Days )

Maximum Replacement Driver ( Infinity )

Restart counting on Guarantee Period when there is new replacement

Traffic Conviction Records

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