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Special Driving Skill Services

"Special Driving Skill Services"

Under some special situations, there is a need for special driving skills, TPDS would definitely and incessantly be the most reliable partner for these organizers.

Besides ordinary driving conditions, we may need some special and professional driving skills. For example, in car racing sport, we need professional staff drivers to facilitate the race on top of the race drivers.


These staff drivers need to go through professional training for the relevant professional accreditation, and they should have accumulated sufficient special skilled driving experience in advance. Besides car racing sport, in some special occasions, clients may need special skilled drivers for commuting solutions or site managements. Ordinary drivers generally cannot acquire such special professional skills from standard driving schools.

TPDS has recruited local drivers who has received relevant special driving skills training domestically or internationally so that such professional drivers are available for the aforesaid special mega events. Moreover, we are a well experienced team to render service for clients regarding site equipment inspection and consultation on transportation solutions.


Our event professional team could provide assistance for applying permits from the Hong Kong government and the police department given if special driving venues are required. We provide comprehensive professional service from preliminary event planning phase to execution phase till event completion in safe and sound manner.

Providing feasibility advice on preliminary phase event planning

Providing relevant required skill training and on-site staff arrangement

Providing assistance for applying permits for event hosting

Providing all related and required preparation prior to events.

Providing all related and required equipment prior to events.

Providing On-site inspection and evaluation for event execution arrangement and details

Coordination with clients for transportation solution proposals and contingency arrangement for emergency incidents

Providing field teams for ensuring smooth operation in details during the course of events.




TPDS succeeded to provide the racing  experience for the Volvo Ocean Race Festival which took part in 2018

Over the past three years, TPDS has been designated an official VIP LAP racer provider to the FIA Hong Kong E-Prix. TPDS was proud of the compliments on her premium arrangement by the FIA.



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