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Prudential Hong Kong Tennis Open 2017

19 Nov, 2017

Prudential Hong Kong Tennis Open 2017 will be staged at the Victoria Park Tennis Stadium from October 7th to 15th this year. The event was hosted by the Hong Kong Tennis Association and was one of the celebrations of the 20th anniversary of the HKSAR. It was also one of the international women’s tennis association (WTA) recognized international series tour, which is the only and highest professional level in Hong Kong. Tennis tournaments also had more than 50 women’s tennis elites participating in the competition, which is bound to set off a battle.

This event was organized by the Hong Kong Tennis Association and the Hong Kong Tennis Open Limited. It had been closed for 21 years until 2014. It had been a WTA international event since 2014. TPDS was fortunate to be the designated professional VIP driver service partner for the fourth consecutive year, our drivers provided pick-up service efficiently. We had the most professional driver team and the most experienced control room colleagues, so that each player could go to the venue on time. Thank you all the TPDS drivers and colleagues for their services and professional attitude.

The event should have been successfully completed, but a typhoon hit Hong Kong on the last day of the game. During the storm, TPDS colleagues had meeting and waited for the instructions. After received the removal of typhoon signal No. 8, TPDS drivers rushed to the hotel and the venue immediately to pick up players. At the end, the final match was held late at night.

Thanks to the support of our experienced drivers and staff. We overcome many difficulties and gained the trust of our customers.


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