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Hong Kong International Film Festival 2018

Mar 11, 2018

The Hong Kong International Film Festival Society dedicated to the discovery and promotion of creativity in the art and culture of film.

Through its annual programmes, the Society promotes international appreciation of Asian, Hong Kong and Chinese film culture; introduces world cinema to Hong Kong audiences; and continues to underline Hong Kong’s key position in the international film community. 

HKIFFS’s dedication to quality and intelligent programming, its devotion to the discovery of new areas of filmmaking in Asia and China, its exceptional work for Hong Kong cinema, seminars and acclaimed publications, gives it a unique and respected international reputation that helps promote Hong Kong cinema at home and abroad.

TPDS had been partner of the HKIFF for 5th year. We were responsible for arranging drivers to pick up filmmakers and VIPS from overseas to the venue. In recent years, the HKIFF has attracted the majority of the audience, especially the younger generation.


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