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Volvo Ocean Race Test Track 2017

Jan 31, 2018

Since 1973, the Volvo Ocean Race had inherited a Clipper crew who was constantly challenging the fastest sailing speed and crossing the ocean.

During 2017-18, Volvo Ocean Race was divided into multiple stages and lasts for 8 months. The total length of the race is 46,000 nautical miles. It spans the world’s four oceans and was recognized as the world’s most difficult sporting event. It was called “Everest of sailing”.

The seven participating fleets would be docked in ports of 12 cities, and Hong Kong became one of the first ports of the competition. The spirit of the old days was transformed into today’s sports achievements. In order to support the sailing competition, TPDS accepts a new task.

We took full advantage of the highest standards of teamwork and professional driver standards. It was completely the effort and requirements of our colleagues in each detail with years of experience. More importantly, it was fully trusted by customer.


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