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Land Rover All-New Discovery 2017

Oct 22, 2017

Land Rover Hong Kong had set up a “Land Rover Experience Park” Carnival at the China Merchants Wharf at Kennedy Town. A cross-country track was built for VIPs with driving license to have a test drive. They could ride the new Discovery Challenge Land Rover’s new “Terrapod” to demonstrate the performance of climbing and wading. At the same time, Land Rover performed a new car unveiling ceremony. Seven lovely professional guide dogs served as the “Officiating Guests”, came on stage together with the new Discovery series. Land Rover also hopes to contribute to charity through cooperation with the Hong Kong Guide Dog Association.

In order to show the versatility of the New Discovery, the event was based on the theme of “Discovery is Limitless”. Different venues would be set up on the same day to reflect its versatile performance and brand-new image. Whether it dashed in the city or off-road, it could be easily controlled, and was able to accompany with you on different occasions.

Fortunately, TPDS professional drivers were appointed to assist the guests in instructing parking, diversion, on-site squatting and maintaining order. Although there were so many land problems in Hong Kong. We had slim chance to experience off-road track locally. It was definitely a rare opportunity for TPDS to participate in this event.


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