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Audi Spektrum HK Experience Day 2019 - Experience Zone

Updated: Dec 16, 2020

19 Sep, 2019

In addition to the indoor car show, TPDS also arranged professional drivers to work in Experience Zone. The site was separated to 2 Experience Zones. Audience and guests could make an appointment to experience the speed and off-road capability of Audi's models.

Zone A showed the off-road capability of the cars, audience could try the Q8 or e-tron in Zone A, such as climbing staircases, ramps and up-and-down ramps:

Zone B showed the stability and speed of the cars. Audience could choose to experience the superior stability of RS5 or TTRS through avoid obstacles, twists and straight dash:

The above Experience Zones were all arranged by TPDS professional drivers. Thanks to the efforts of drivers and staff, so that car fans could experience the high performance and superiority of Audi's models. We look forward to working with Audi next year with better performance!


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