26 Aug, 2017

We believe many of you have come across some car shows in some big malls. Do someone know how can those cars be driven into the venue? Let me introduce to you......

It was very excited that TPDS participated and backed up with incomparable skilled drivers. Our professional drivers had driven the VOLVO XC-60 into the venue. In fact, cars could only be driven in most of malls in the mid-night, That's why nearly nobody could see that at the set up stage. The selected venue for this car show was the Harbour City, one of the most popular venue for car shows because of its spacious place and crowd density. But the rent rate, of couse....

Let's go back to how cars were driven in? The secret was that there was a big entrance besides the Lane Crawford shop. The team drove cars along Canton Road, got into Harbour City Car Park, drove up slope and turned right in the middle and entered the loadong bay, then went ahead,the exit to the lobby of the Mall was right away besides Lane Crawford. Cars could be in place after venue decoration was ready. One of the most important process before driven into the venue, event staffs must planked and covered with canvas. For safety reason every car could only be filled up 25% tank of gasoline.

A seemingly simple thing was not simple at all. Drivers who had less patient and skill might cause scratching cars unfortunately. We spent 4 hours this time to unload 4 cars in this event. We had learned very good experience throughout this event. Our professional drivers, your effort was very much appreciated!

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