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TPDS X Art Basel 2015

Mar 10, 2015

Art Basel Hong Kong Exhibition 2015 will be held in March 15-17 at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre. The Art Basel exhibition plays an important role on the international art scene, the Hong Kong exhibition will let the artist gateway to the world.

TPDS undertake in previous years, continues to be the professional VIP chauffeur service provider partners to participate in this unique art event!

TPDS drivers in order to have adequate preparation, they also evacuated some private time to training center and listened to BMW training instructors and co-ordinate activities by German headquarters to explain the details of the activities and car navigation systems. We hoped that we can provide the best quality of service and be the most professional team.

Exhibition artists used different art materials and perfect interpretation for their subject matter, you can imagine them intently completed the works of art, in order to make the viewer feel the emotional messages.

Outside the exhibition, TPDS team of professional drivers in hotels, airports, exhibition venues and districts banquet occasions, we had mature professional driving skills with the BMW 7 Series luxury cars, the successful completion of all the guests who travel instructions brought to VIPs meet the passenger experience, professional drivers and attentive service.

TPDS project teams and professional drivers also completed a successful mission on this time.

The activity time lasted too long, our drivers were very hard working. They worked until to 2a.m. in every day.

Art Basel had a perfect ending; we need to say thanks for all drivers. The venue was very satisfied with our service and gave a letter recognition to us! Depends on our efforts, we would like to share with everyone where two letters of appreciation – The appreciation letter mentioned that TPDS drivers were very helpful, friendly and polite. More particularly like to thanks for the driver group leaders, they had excellent organizational skills…

We hope that we can have the opportunity to serve as Art Basel every year, TPDS will remain consistently high, professional standard of service.

Yeah! we finally had a good rest, and then we sprint next event!

See you next year!


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