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Art Basel 2023

23 Mar, 2023

Art Basel 2023 Hong Kong (Art Basel) officially opened on March 23. This year's exhibition is the largest since 2019, gathering artworks from 32 different countries and regions. Among them, 134 top international art galleries exhibited 21st century contemporary art works, further demonstrating Hong Kong's recovery from the epidemic.

In 2020, the epidemic is raging around the world, and Art Basel was forced to postponed. In the following two years, the world was still recovering from the epidemic, and the two art exhibitions were exhibited in a mixed format with the scale was also drastically reduced. Upon the epidemic is finally over this year, the Art Basel Hong Kong has also ushered in the return of many special exhibition areas, adding vitality to the venue. Art Fair will continue to gather well-known galleries from Asia, Europe, North and South America, and Africa with the "Gallery Gathering" to exhibit contemporary art works by artists from all over the world. There are also different art exhibition areas and special programs such as "Art Gathering Space", "Curatorial Corner", "Dialogue with Art Basel", "Light Reflection Live", etc., providing audiences with different ways to understand the diverse artistic creations in Asia. profile.

TPDS has continued to provide chauffeur services for the conference. After several years of the epidemic, our chauffeurs still maintain personal hygiene and cleanliness of the dedicated vehicle, which provides a professional service by delivering all the VIP guests to the venue on time.

Thank you for all TPDS professional fleet management team and chauffeurs. We look forward to continuing to cooperate with Art Basel next year!


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