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Hong Kong Tennis Open 2014

20 Sep, 2014

The International series pioneered by the International Women’s Tennis Association (WTA), Hong Kong Tennis Open 2014 (Prudential Hong Kong Open 2014) was successfully to draw the attention in Victoria Park on this year.

TPDS became a professional VIP chauffeur service partners in general assembly. Thanks all of the TPDS drivers, they paid a lot of effort on this event. Before one week of the competition, our drivers already running full swing …In a large project activity, transport cooperation is really very crucial and important.

Our driver responsible to shuttle contestants between the airport, hotel and venue. The incident in drive, the mating time, job coordination, road conditions, etc., we need to deal with all the cases. Why? Because we had the most professional driver teams and the most experienced colleagues in the control room, we work closely together, so that each contestant can be safe and punctual to go back and forth to the venue. Of course, the most important factor is that all contestants can return to the hotel more comfortably.

TPDS continues to be the professional VIP chauffeur service partners on this year. The transportation of competition can be smoothly, it depends on on the efforts of each driver.


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