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Hong Kong Golf Open 2014

30 Dec, 2014

Hong Kong Golf Open was held in October 16-19, 2014.

TPDS once again to become an international public competition

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Hong Kong Golf Open was held on October 16-19 in 2014. TPDS once again to became an international public competition VIP chauffeur service providers & partners. Hong Kong Golf Open held at Hong Kong Golf Club. Miguel Angel Jiménez won the historic Hong Kong Golf Open champion in last year, less than one year, the European tour and the Asian tour announced that the competition will be held on 16th of October to 19th of December in this year. Bonuses will be set at 1.3 million dollars.

In the last year of December, Miguel Angel Jiménez was the 4th time to get the champion, he broken his own record. He was 49 years old to become the oldest champion in the history of the European tour.’

Kyi Hla Han said that: ‘Hong Kong Open has always been our annual schedule of important events; fans can watch the Asian contestants battle the European contestants again.’

‘With the Asian competition schedule gradually move towards a climax, Hong Kong Open has become an important event, it was enough to affect the results of Merit rankings. In addition, the game is undoubtedly one of the most prestigious events in Asia, and is the only one competition since 1959, they held the same court in every year.’

Hong Kong Golf Open is also the penultimate race, it followed by the Dubai race (Race to Dubai), so the Hong Kong Golf Open results will directly affect the entry list for the race in Dubai.

Keith Waters said: “We are delighted to be able to implement the day of Hong Kong Golf Open in this year, the Hong Kong Golf Club organized this competition in here more than half a century.”

About the Hong Kong Golf Open

Hong Kong Golf Open is Hong Kong’s oldest professional sporting events. It began in 1959, and became the European Tour in 2002. There had previous champion, including ten Grand Slam champion, the best individual race results have been a total of 27 important events.

Reference link: Hong Kong Golf Club –


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