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Volkswagen " Hong Kong Drives Volkswagen "

21 Sep, 2009

Volkswagen Hong Kong created the event called “Hong Kong Drives Volkswagen”, it held in September 12-13, 2009. Volkswagen was the first time to create large-scale test of the high-tech activities in Hong Kong Science Park. As they provided free parking, its attract many car fans to come here to join the event, so it was very lively.

In Hong Kong, there was such a large welcoming test drive event, it was unprecedented! No wonder that there are many motorists love this event very much!

We were very honored to receive the invitation from Volkswagen, to provide professional driver team services and be the event helper. Actually, it is a valuable experience.

There is really a lot of people on that day, the General Assembly would have been stopped chit before 4:00 pm, some of fans could not be re-arranged to drive the car, so the staff arrange them to test drive on another day.


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