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Hong Kong BMCPC Golf Cart Pick-up and Drop-off Services 2022

Updated: Sep 1, 2022

5 Apr, 2022

TPDS provides professional chauffeurs and on-site operation services for various special large-scale events. In 2022, we provide golf cart pick-up and drop-off services for the two major cemeteries under the Hong Kong BMCPC during the Ching Ming Festival. This service is charitable and public welfare in nature. The purpose is mainly for those who need to visit two cemeteries to worship their ancestors during the Ching Ming Festival. It provides a pre-planned route pick-up service so that people do not have to walk on difficult inclines.

TPDS provided a total of four golf cart pick-up and drop-off arrangements for this event and arranged the registration and maintenance at each stop for the conference. Due to the severe impact of the epidemic in Hong Kong this year, there are not many people in the cemetery to pay respects to their ancestors on the Ching Ming Festival. People do not have to wait too long to take the golf carts we arranged to climb the mountain.

In this event, we mainly serve people with limited mobility or very old age.

This event was successfully completed under the safe and comfortable driving service provided by our professional chauffeurs. Customers are satisfied with our service and hope to continue to provide you with the services in the next Chung Yeung Festival and Ching Ming Festival.


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