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Art Basel 2021

Updated: Sep 1, 2022

23 May, 2021

Due to the pandemic of COVID-19, the delayed yearly Art Event - “Art Basel” is brought back between 21-23 May on display at Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre. A number of 104 famous Art Galleries from 23 countries and cities participate as well as arts works of world’s top artists are displayed. To act against epidemic, “Art Basel: Hong Kong Scene” live stream and guided tour are arranged together with some displays through satellite. The organizer makes it possible in different forms to share the Art Works to the public. The Exhibition is divided into 3 areas: “Galleries”, “Insights” and “Discoveries” to present the overview of World Art from modern and historical perspective ways.

TPDS has been providing honourably chauffeured service to the “Art Basel” fair for

consecutive 8 years. As the coronavirus situation continues to evolve, all chauffeurs, apart from wearing tidy suits and maintaining

personal hygiene, wear face masks and disinfect vehicles. They also keep checking body temperature of passengers and themselves. They make sure all passengers would have a safe and comfort journey to the fair.

We thank all management team members and chauffeurs of TPDS to endeavour their great services to the Event under the pandemic situation. TPDS looks forward to cooperating again with “Art Basel” for the show next year.


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