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Adidas Promotion Event (David Beckham pick-up service) 2016

Updated: Feb 11, 2022

June 27, 2016

Can you guess that who using our driver service on this time? Bingo! It’s the famous footballer – David Beckham!

We are pleasured that one of our TPDS experienced drivers, Marco, has provided pick up service for famous star, Beckham. Before launch of Benz event, Marco has already arrived to Hong Kong Airport and picked up Beckham by Benz luxury car. Finally, Beckham has safely and smoothly arrived to Western Kowloon Culture District, where is held for promotional event of Benz brand-new E-Class launch day.

However, we offered a few days of pick-up service for Mr. Beckham. He arrived at each destination successfully. Also, Beckham was very friendly, we hope that we can cooperate with him for next time!

  • CLIENT : Adidas宣傳活動

  • YEAR : 2016

  • WE DID : 常務租賃司機

  • PARTNERS : 服務租賃事務部

  • 參與司機總數 : 3

  • 派遣司機級別 : 專業司機

  • 支援人員 : < 沒有提供 >

  • CATEGORY : 汽車品牌活動 , 貴賓司機服務


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