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2017 Sundance Film Festival Hong Kong

Updated: Aug 10, 2020

20 Sep, 2017

This year, we were the 4th time bringing back the short film competition again to Hong Kong!! Selected films from the Sundance Film Festival, US would be screened at The Metroplex, Kowloon Bay, sharing with Hong Kong audience to experience the Film Independence Spirit.

12 selected films of Drama and Documentary from the Sundance Film Festival, US would be on screen this year. The showcase also included awarded films, films by topic, and the awarded films of the Hong Kong Short Film Competition. As before, Sundance Film Festival Hong Kong brings audience films of Screwball Comedy, Drama and Documentary in wide range of topics, say sexual orientation, race, social issues, love and self-identity etc. The 12 selected films were "A Ghost Story","Band Aid","Beach Rats","City of Ghosts","Columbus","Gook","The Hero","Ingrid Goes West","The Little Hours","Patti Cake$","STEP" and "Wind River".

2017 Sundance Film Festival Hong Kong brought audience the "A Ghost Story" as the Opening Film, starred with Best Actor Oscar Casey Affleck and nominated Best Actress Oscar Rooney Mara, cooperated again with Director David Lowery after the "Ain't Them Bodies Saints". The premiere in Asia of "A Ghost Story" celebrates the opening of 2017 Sundance Film Festival Hong Kong. Director David Lowery would meet fans and attend the forum after the premiere.

It was a great pleasure that TPDS was a co-partner of the 4th Sundance Film Festival Hong Kong, to provide the best Limousine Service to all Film-makers, participants and guests. With an excited mood, all our chauffeurs, worn smart suits, were expecting to transfer all VIP guests between airport, hotels and the venue.

Zoe Lister-Jones, director of "Band Aid",Brett Haley, director of "The Hero", Matt Spicer, director of "Ingrid Goes West", Jeff Baena, director of "The Little Hours" and Amanda Lipitz, director of "STEP" would attend the 2017 Sundance Film Festival Hong Kong and meet their fans.

We would enjoy films from US Sundance Film Festival. The independent film-makers and their stories would be shared with audiences on the other side of the earth.


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