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The Ancestor of Hong Kong Integrated Professional Chauffeur Solution Services Provider

Our Services

Compliments received from clients over our Professional Chauffeur and Motor Fleet Management become our mojo and drive us to Quality Perfection

Driver Recruitment Consultancy and Rental Services

TPDS Chauffeur Recruitment, Management and Consultation Services are mainly designed to assist our clients in hiring permanent / contractual base elites. Our Consultant will evaluate client’s specific requirements and filter the right one from our Database. Then present to client with a detail proposal

Motor Rental / Motor Chauffeur bundle


For years, it has been our honor for TPDS to deliver a service amalgamation of luxury and cozy transport solution. Neglect on your choice in either limousine, coach or cross border vehicle, you will now no longer need to undertake and handle any of their derived matters such as Urgent Repair, Insurance, Motor Maintenance, Parking and General Administrative Work

Motor Fleet Management

and other Accessorial Services

All along the years of expansion, TPDS has successfully recruited Market Elites that are reputable and process through full experience to strengthen our professional team. They then become the core for us to develop and furbish our 360 degree all-rounded Client based service

I am a driver seeking for

job opportunity!

If you are now under job-hunting, no longer need to surf around the multimedia platforms or sending resumes all by yourself. Even though you are currently work engaged, you can still easily keep posted to the market trend  achieving your best benefit.


Chief Operation Executive - Professional Services



I am looking for hiring the right driver.

When clients acquire our all-rounded consultation services, time used in driver selection and other related recruitment cycles will be simplified for higher efficiency.

What        can do?


TPDS was established back in 2003,


We are the First Company in Hong Kong that is specialized in Professional Driver Recruitment, Staffing, Temporary leasing and Chauffeur Management Solution.


Our core services focus on private Chauffeur recruitment and Management solutions in various driver types such as but are not limited to Company Driver, Private Personal Driver, Senior VIP Serving Driver, Family Driver, Event Driver, Cross Border Private Driver, Foreign Driver and Bodyguard Driver.

We have retained an experienced team that is professional and highly active in the market keeping the management posted to the most update information. Ride on our solid base, we also take initiative to apply and invest in the new Information technology system to advance our service standard. Providing our Clients with Spectacular Service Experience.


To cater market needs and clients’ expectations, TPDS at the same time provides Luxurious Limousine and Chauffeur rental and management contractual services. Service scopes include but are not limited to Cross-border delivery monthly package, Corporate Employee delivery package, Limousine Fleets Management, Irregular backup delivery support and Worksite transportation pickup / delivery services.

Derived from our endeavoured effort all over the years, we are aiming to provide our clients with the most reliable and professional services; TPDS successfully obtains and build up the trustworthy relationship with various Fortune 500 corporations, Local and Global renowned celebrities, Hong Kong based Foreign consulates and Multi-international corporations. Further than that, we are also the sole transport logistic associate in numerous Hong Kong Mega Events for years assisting the host organizers to provide reliable and professional VIP delivery services. Our efforts earned our reputations and being credited with compliments.

Compliments obtained from our clients are our greatest achievements.

TPDS Management Team


Chief Consultant (Recruitment)

Being graduated from university in Japan, Kaki joined the biggest Japanese corporation when she returned to Hong Kong handling its entire inhouse drivers and all fleets management related administrative issues. Kaki possess solid practical experiences in drivers one shop stop management and specialize in formulating the drivers’ employment contract, work procedure policy and other related admin measures.


Operation Director - Fleets and Facilities Management

Marco has been actively involved in the Chauffeur industry over 20 years. In addition to the Hong Kong market, he had once worked in Spain because of his ex-employer’s relocation.  From Presidents of the Multinational Corporation to Global renowned celebrity Mr. David Beckham, most of his served VIPs had given him the highest compliments. By introducing the most updated technology aiming to simplify and strengthen the management quality, Marco adopt the Chauffeur’s approach to tailor made for clients on their motor fleet management solutions.


Chief Operation Executive - Professional Services

Serving the market for more than 20 years in which 10 years were related to Chauffeur based Human Capital Strategic Management. Over the years, Donald had gathered different remarkable professionals to form his dream team. Besides, in order to fulfil his expectation towards the Chauffeur industry in Hong Kong. Donald had stationed in Japan for half a year to study their culture and used it as the base for him to stipulate the new Hong Kong Chauffeur Standard.


Operation Manager - Chauffeur Rental

Worked in Chauffeur Rental for 15 years in which 6 years are in Event based Chauffeur Dispatch Management. Monique embraces with thoughtful understanding and knowledge in strategic transportation planning and she is familiar with the traffic routes in Hong Kong and China. Her experience is her key to get hold with the drivers’ updated status, her rich risk management conversancy and her strong dispatch ability are her tools to success.


years experienced Motor Fleets


Provide Backup driver in 1 hour


Potential Candidates


Shortlist the right one in One day

Our Clients


Juventus Football Club S.p.A.

Nadia Wu

"TPDS provided Reliable, and Excellent, service." they made to the very professional driver and personal protection services provided to our athletes and executives when our club visited HK.



Chloe Pang

"TPDS is a great partner to work with" We have been working with TPDS since 2013 as our limousine service provider for various international and local events.


Volvo Cars Hong Kong

Yoko Yeung

"TPDS provided professional drivers and safety managers for the  "Volvo Test Track" during the event period. Their organization and resilience to tackle challenges played an important role in the whole event arrangement. Thanks to TPDS to make our event a huge success."

Our Clients



Chauffeur Recruitment Consultancy

Contact : Kaki Chan
Room 1-3, 29/F CEO Tower 77 Wing Hong Street, Lai Chi Kok, Kowloon, H.K.

Contact no.: (852) 29 888 148
Website (Chinese):
Website (English):

Website (Japanese):

Chauffeur Management and Professional Services

Contact: Donald Cheng
Room 1-3
, 29/F CEO Tower 77 Wing Hong Street, Lai Chi Kok, Kowloon, H.K.
Contact no.: (852) 3468 8696

Website (Chinese):
Website (English):

Website (Japanese):

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