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The 62nd Hong Kong Golf Open 2023

The "Hong Kong Golf Open" was held at the Fanling Course of the Hong Kong Golf Club. The event attracted top golfers from all over the world to compete. This event provides spectators with the opportunity to watch exciting golf competitions while also promoting the development of golf in Asia.

This time, TPDS provided VIP and competitor pick-up and drop-off services for the conference, including transfers from the airport to the hotel, transportation to and from the hotel and practice venue, itinerary on the day of the competition, and return to the airport after the event. During the process, our professional management team and drivers worked closely to ensure that Giving passengers peace of mind, punctuality and a relaxing journey.

The tournament has come to a successful conclusion. Congratulations to all the winning players. We look forward to the next opportunity to cooperate with the conference.


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