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Hermes "Please Check In" 2021

Updated: Sep 1, 2022

8 Oct, 2021

The world-renowned top luxury brand "Hermes" held a grand customer relationship event in Hong Kong and Shanghai. The Hong Kong session was conducted at Shaw Studios in Junk Bay for the period of early October 2021. It is our glorious as we have been invited to provide the entire ground transportation service like limousines, shuttles, logistics, and transportation concierge parking services for local events in Hong Kong exclusively. Our reliable and professional services have once again proven to be trusted and supported by the world's top customers.

We participated in the planning and arrangement of the entire project, from site manpower planning, limousine transfers, site transportation and concierge parking guidance. At the beginning of the mission, our event team have had several meetings with the brand organizer and the relevant venue personnel of Shaw Studios to ensure that the details were smooth. The guests of this event are all top consumer groups in the city. We have arranged the top hospitality team from Hong Kong's tourism industry to provide services.

We provided over 40 limousines and 20 coaches for this event. Our professional chauffeurs and management team provided various top-level transportation arrangements for more than 1,000 guests during the event. Our concierges provide smooth and distinguished guest pick-up service.

The success of this event has won the recognition of customers. We have provided outstanding service performance in top large-scale event projects, not only the carrying capacity of vehicles, but also the overall operating experience of large-scale events that exceeded customer expectations.


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