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Construction of Isolation Facilities at Kai Tak Cruise Terminal 2022

Updated: Sep 1, 2022

7 Mar, 2022

Under the influence of the variant Omicron virus, the number of confirmed cases has risen rapidly and Hong Kong has been entered into a state of war for the year of 2022. In response to the isolation demands coming along with many confirmed cases and close contacts; the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, with the support of the central government, has set up temporary isolation centers in various locations across the territory.

TPDS has provided excellent logistics and VIP transfer services for many large-scale events in Hong Kong at the past. This is our pleasure as we have been invited by the contractor to set up the isolation facility center at Kai Tak Cruise Terminal. TPDS unitize their own mobilization power to provide 140 temporary employees for Kai Tak Cruise Terminal as a voluntary for the community. The whole project takes one day only by obtaining the mission from the contractor to complete. We recruited workers in a short period of time and arranged a shuttle bus service as a mobility.

On the day of service, TPDS briefs, organizes labor, and arranges all operational procedures for the entire service team. The atmosphere fully shows friendly, cooperation spirit and unimaginable enthusiasm. We finally completed the entire project before the target completion period.

TPDS has grown up in Hong Kong. The situation in Hong Kong is full of powerlessness, we have not given up and working hard to prepare for Hong Kong to embark on a glorious journey after the epidemic.


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