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BMW i7 x TPDS Private VIP Cocktail Party 2022

17 Nov, 2022

In the past Thursday, BMW and TPDS held the first BMW i7 event and test drive party in Hong Kong for the selected customers from TPDS and King's Limousine at the BMW SHOWROOM in Tsuen Wan.

With the popularization of electric vehicles and enterprises' emphasis on zero-emission travel policies, electric vehicles are becoming increasingly important in the enterprise market. Boasting the most luxurious equipment and specifications currently on the market, the all-new BMW i7 has brought great interest among high-end customers around the world. We are co-hosting an unforgettable event with BMW Hong Kong by preparing refreshments. Customers are enjoying a good evening along with a lively and relaxed atmosphere.

As a leading travel solution provider to our customers, we understand customers are aiming for high-end luxury cars, and strongly recommend experiencing the charm of the BMW i7 as a special vehicle for company dignitaries.

The party is by invitation only. In addition to the grand release of the new BMW i7, we do arrange chauffeurs to provide a test drive for the interested parties. A full range of BMW electric vehicles were also be exhibited at the same night (iX / i4 / i3 / iX1 / iX3 )

TPDS arranges electric vehicle industry experts to elaborate the use of electric vehicles and charging solutions on the spot. The purpose does assist corporate customers who face queries for the use of new energy vehicles.

Customers who are not able to participate in the event but interested in the BMW i7, please contact us individually to arrange an appointment for a visit.


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